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  • Why Invest in a Professional Designer?
    Companies that invest in their brand have fewer obstacles between themselves and their audience. They stand out. They demonstrate to their staff, investors and customers that they care. Creating a brand is not about making something that looks good, design solves a problem and communicates to an intended audience.
  • What Type of Clients Do You Work With?
    People that value what I can bring to the table, and want to be an active part of their project. It doesn’t matter what industry you work in or if I have worked with a similar client before—the goal is about communicating what makes you unique regardless of your offering.
  • What Are The Designer vs Client's Responsibilities?
    A creative process works best if responsibilities are clear from the beginning. My responsibility throughout a project is to ask the right questions, define the creative problem, and visualize a solution. The client’s responsibility is to provide the requested information and feedback in a clear, timely, and honest way.
  • How Does the Payment Process work?
    There will be a first invoice of 50% of investment (non refundable) due before Onboarding, and the second half due before handing over deliverables.
  • What Happens If I'm Not Satisfied?
    At the beginning of the design process, I do a consultation with you to make sure our styles are on the same page and we will be able to collaborate together to create your brand. When you purchase a package you will pay a 50% non-refundable deposit, so if you feel we are not creating the design and look that you wanted to achieve you will not be required to pay the remaining balance. This rarely happens and do my best to make sure we are a perfect fit!
  • Can SxD Help Me Determine What I Need?
    If you are not sure what you need, that’s okay. I enjoy collaborating with clients to determine what is required to help them achieve their goals. I do this by gaining a clear understanding of your situation and budget, and by having you complete an in depth brand discovery workbook.
  • Do You Use A Contract With Clients?
    Yes. I will provide a contract detailing the deliverables, timeframe, cost and terms and conditions once I know more about your project. A contract helps to clarify responsibilities, set expectations, and reduce miscommunication.
  • What If I Already Have A Logo? Can You Help Me?
    Yes. Let me know about your situation and what you are looking to accomplish and then we can chat. Sometimes clients need alternative logos because they only have one, others need a update! Whatever you have or need, we can work together to help propel your business and present it to the world in the best way possible.
  • Who Owns the Artwork?
    You do. Unless there are separate contracts with third parties such as illustrators, writers or photographers that state otherwise, all rights to the final artwork (this does not include any unused concepts) transfer to you once your project is paid in full. I reserve the right to use the work in my portfolio and for self-promotional purposes. Details will be in the project contract.
  • What Website Platforms Do You Use?
    Shopify (best for e-commerce brands) Squarespace
  • Do You Host the Websites You Design?
    The domain name and hosting services must be purchased by the client and setup prior to launching your site.
  • Is Copywriting a Service You Provide?
    This is not typically an offered service but can be included in a project based on the Scope of Work and Timeline for an additional fee.
  • What Do I, As a Client, Need To Have Prepared Before Beginning a Web Design Project."
    Copy, Imagery, Logins, Domain/Hosting Set Up, Specific Biz Product/Service Information and any neccessary additional purchases should be set in place before beginning the design phase. This helps keep timing efficient and avoid multiples revisions + back and forth emails requesting information. If you are lacking any of the neccessary information, I can make referalls or it may require an additional fee for us to complete it on our own.


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